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The facility available to IPA Members is a fully equipped residential apartment with accommodation for four persons. It also provides guests with access to a sauna, wireless, gym and swimming pool.

The Apartment is located at the Avandia São João Nº 1277, Sao Paulo – a mere 800 meters away from IPA Brazil’s headquarters.

São Paulo is the largest city in South America, with its cuisine and art as multinational as its diverse population of 10 million.

With the restaurants of the Jardins district serving every food imaginable to diners from around the world, you wouldn’t be out of place going to São Paulo just for the dining.

But make sure you do not miss the opportunity to experience world-class museums, diverse and vibrant neighbourhood tours, and fantastic shopping!

Contact Details & Bookings:

  • Manager:      Rina Ricci Cagnaci (Secretary General)
  • Address:       Avandia São João Nº 127, São Paulo
  • Tel:               ++55 11 3836 6403
  • Tel/Fax:        ++55 11 9851 82755 / 9990 84249
  • Email:           ririca@gmail.com
  • Website:       http://www.ipa-brasil.org