» Arthur Troop Scholarship 2017

The Arthur Troop Scholarship (ATS) is now open for applications from IPA members worldwide.

Arthur Troop Scholarships are awarded annually and at least one will be granted to each continent in which we have member sections – Africa, America, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

Each scholarship consists of a bursary of up to 2500 €, to be used for a seminar at the International Conference Centre IBZ Schloss Gimborn, or at a comparable institution.

Applicants must have been an IPA member for at least 1 year before applying, and the scholarship must be taken between 1 January and 31 December of the year following the awarding of the scholarship (extensions are not granted).

Arthur Troop Scholarships may be awarded to any IPA member in the police service, but are predominantly targeted at our younger members. Applicants are required to submit an application form setting out their reasons to support their selection.

The chair of the Professional Commission (PC) will process the applications. After the assessment of the PC and the decision of the IEB, awardees will be announced during the World Congress in New Zealand in October 2016.

For an application form and further information, please click on the following link: ATS Application Form and Procedure. The form is available in all official IPA languages on the IPA international website www.ipa-iac.org.

The national (IPA Sweden) deadline is 1 July 2016. Applications must be processed through IPA Sweden e-mail: sweden@ipa-se.org.

All applications must be supported by a written confirmation of IPA Sweden.

Questions regarding the ATS can be forwarded to Vice President Anders Garpenhag via e-mail: vicepresident_pc@ipa-se.org.