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IEB - International Executive Bureau



 Kees Sal, Werner Busch, Gal Sharon, Pierre-Martin Moulin, Georgios Katsaropoulos,
Stephen Crockard, Romain Miny, Wolfgang Gabrutsch and Michael Odysseos

The International Executive Bureau (IEB) are IPA members who are elected by delegates at the IPA World Congress for a period of three years.

The PEB is composed of:
International President
International Vice-Presidents (3)
International Secretary General
Assistant International Secretary General
International Treasurer
Assistant International Treasurer
IEB members may be re-elected at a World Congress at the end of their three year term.

Maintained by the IEB, Nottingham is the home of the International Administration Centre. From here the staff liaise with the International Secretary General and the IEB as well as with National Sections from all parts of the globe.

The IEB is responsible for the management of the Association and for implementation of decisions taken by the International Executive Council (IEC). The IEB have the power to act on behalf of the IEC in any matter requiring immediate action.
Meetings of the IEB take place at least once a year to review the administration of the Association. These meetings are hosted by National IPA Sections.
Whilst all of the International Executive Bureau are members of the IPA they undertake their duties independently of the interests of their own National Section and for the exclusive good of the Association.
Pierre-Martin MOULIN (Switzerland)
First Elected to the IEB, May 2003
Gal SHARON (Israel)
Chairman of the International Social Commission (ISC)
First Elected to the IEB, September 2009
Werner BUSCH (Germany)
Chairman of the External Relations Commission (ERC)
First Elected to the IEB, September 2012
Kees SAL (Netherlands)
Chairmain of the the International Professional Commission (IPC)
PEB representative for IBZ Gimborn.
First Elected to the IEB, September 2012
Georgios KATSAROPOULOS  (Greece)
Chairman of the International Internal Commission (IIC).
First Elected to the IEB, September 2006
Assistant International Secretary General
Stephen Crockard (United Kingdom)
Chairman of the International Cultural Commission (ICC)
First Elected to the IEB, September 2009
International Treasurer
Romain Miny (Luxembourg)
First Elected to the IEB, May 2000
Assistant International Treasurer
Wolfgang Gabrutsch (Austria)
Internal Auditors
Michael Walsh (Ireland) & Demetris Demetriou (Cyprus)